I looked to the North, all I could see is drowning
I looked to the South, all I could see is sinking
I looked to the East, all I could see is crashing
I looked to West and all I could see is perishing.

How I marvelled looking at the creation, they sings so low, the joy on their faces were a hidden reflection of wounds and bruises on their face completely in mask full of task ahead at the stepping out of the church.

So I paused and take a look around me, I could see that in every city, towns and community, there are church buildings all around and yet, the spirits of the worshiper have become void and empty because we discarded the commandment to be the light of the world.

We’re the light of the world…
We gonna change the world…
One step at a time…×2

Just like a stove with no fire; powerful gospel has become old news like antiques in a museum lacking fire. We neglect the word that says in John14:16 “I will pray the father and he will give you another helper that he may comfort you and abide with you forever.

Rom 8:26 likewise the spirit also helps our weaknesses because we do not know what to pray about but the spirit himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered, I mean we need to carry a fire like Elijah dropping some fire, because out of our belly shall flows rivers of living water…

But the church of today, like a flock of lost sheep wanders to and fro and falls prey to the devil going to and fro seeking whom he may devour.

Heresy and false teaching flourish with alters full of dead words without the leading of the spirit. No wonder 1Cor4:20 says “The kingdom of God is not in long talk, but in the manifestations of power”

The church I see today is full of plans and programs for human interest, planned and presented for fleshly pleasure and this is all treasure. Having little hearing from the Holy Spirit which without his leading worship becomes mechanical, church becomes cold, faith loses the burning passion.

The church has become wasted at the brink of bankruptcy and an object of reproach and a ridicule.

“I am not writing this poem to offend, but to challenge our balance in congruence with the state of the Holy Spirit in our lives daily…

I want to suggests, perhaps we might be in the wrong. Let us once again go back to the unseen stage director “the holy Spirit” so that we don’t be like a stove with no fire.

Let us repent and open our heart to his calling who gives supernatural power, wisdom and guidance because the whole world is eagerly waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God. So don’t be a stove with no fire…
Peterstone_Speaks ©2019

➡2⃣0⃣1⃣9⃣ CODES ↪TIME↩

We become whatever we use our time for, maximizing your life is simply maximizing your use of time. To maximize means to go to the end of yourself, it means to function in your full capacity.

Take account of what you do everyday that gets you closer to your dream. You are exactly today what you use your time for. So stop shooting a the wind, wasting your time. Vision is the source of discipline.

Doing the best you can in everything you do. Dare to do something everyday that brings you closer to your dream/passion.

➡2⃣0⃣1⃣9⃣ CODES

➡2⃣0⃣1⃣9⃣ CODES
✔ Make God your foundation
✔ Do things as though you ain’t in competition with no body and you will see your journey taking a new leap.
✔ Don’t live an Apologetic life, stand your ground, don’t be brash, let them know whom you are. They will respect you for whom you are.
✔ Plan your life so you don’t live by chance and let your plan be audacious
✔ Plan and invest to be on top of your struggles this year. You’ve got to be intentional this time…

A Small Girl!

She looks so funny
Like a bee in a comb of honey
She stands to gaze her colony
On a day so Sunny

She glooms and wags in in her little fine of pain. She’s got this idea, telling her self “I am a small girl after all”

Yet, she remains the queen of her desert, timidly accepting her identity from entity within the intensity of her integrity.

Covered with voices of angel in her vocal low tone. Anytime she sings some tonic women loses her home.

Engrafted in the solitude of ball
So she engaged herself in football
Swimming in song her gift of all
She’s a small girl after all

So She fits herself to every post
Needed to carry her boast.
so she finally gained her coast as she won a host.

Hosting million and trillions, thrilling her world in one single voice!!! Faces were captured, eyes were mesmerized, mouth were left shut, ears were open to hear her awesome lovely voice.
Ready to carts angels away
Swinging the weak to strength any day.

She sings so low, but all the birds were listening to hear as small girl sings! They were ready to be carried away as the small girl sings!
~ Peterstone Speaks ~


The act or fact of doing something that involves danger or risk in order to achieve a goal always involves some risk-taking.

God created man in his image and likeness right from the time of creation, everything he created was good but we became a problem to him at some point, he took the risk to die for us. Having forgiven us, he took the risk to trust in us again.

Since then, it becomes a necessity for us to take risks in whatever we do. The risk may pay off and may not. Just like God giving man freedom of choice over his own will, We may choose to serve him or choose otherwise.

Animals runs immediately they see us approaching because they take risks in their attempt in search for crumbs to survive. We take risks going out for activities everyday which may pay us or neither. We keep pushing hoping for the best somehow someday.

We are made to take risks. Looking at those difficult task at hand or ahead, when you take the risk and face it now, the end reward is always a mind blowing. Always remember, You can do all things through Christ which strengthens you…
~ Peterstone Speaks ~


Wind World are the influences that takes total control of your life that you cannot stand on your own without them. Once it’s wrong, you might be trapped and vice versa. Your choice is like a paddle, sailing you to the right destination in the routes you choose to follow.

You need to make the right choices on what you allow to influence your life. The society is becoming unfavorable for the youths upcoming. You need choose your friends, Listen to right music, read the right books, watch the right movie and lead right in the society not with equality but with equity. Be the change you want to see in the world today.
~ Peterstone Speaks ~


You said you want to be like me,
Yet, you could not bear the pain.
Within me are prickles
piercing through my veins,
You only want the gain.
Can you see how I’ve sprained
My knuckles, wrung my bones for growth.

You said you want to be like me. How I clasp my spine in the hands of thorns. You only want to reign
Like the voice of the wobble trees.

The thorns collides and zings down my flesh in a glare.
I taught its just for a while,
But realized it’s infinite.
It a story concealed within
With no choice to resist.

Until the treasure unveils,
Singled me out with flawless beauty. My pains becomes sweeter.

You said you can not bear the pain,
Then you have no gain
You only want the fame.
Get over my lane, let me refine my aim. To ware a beautiful crown exceptional among all flowers, as the lilies in the valleys.

Would you rather be yourself now that have jostle for reign,
Plunged for fame,
And offered my spines for prickles… “I can ware my Rose Crown now and represents you all flowers!”

~ Peterstone Speaks ~